Actuators scotch-yoke actuator, 90° Pneumatic actuators, gas actuators, hydraulic actuators, electro hydraulic actuators, gas over oil actuators from 10 - 330,000 Nm for 1“ to 60“ valves. Fahlke offers the perfect solution to automate your processes in a single line of actuators for every application. Our standard deliveries include the following actuators and controls: Pneumatic actuators and controls Gas actuators / gas over oil actuators and control Electro hydraulic actuators (operating with either direct or alternating current) Low temperature actuators down to temperatures of -60° C SSV / SDV actuators and controls Safety shut-down units (SSV) in accordance with newest DIN/EN 14382 Subsea actuators for depths of up to 250 m Linear actuators for gate valves, globe valves etc. and controls Special actuators and controls according to customer specifications Complete assembly units (ball valves installed and adjusted using one of the above-named actuators) Seven actuator sizes in the torque range from 10 to 330,000 NM (higher torques on request)are available. The Fahlke actuator line covers all pressure ranges, all standard types for pneumatic, gas or hydraulic applications as well as individualized designs according to customer specifications. For applications where safety is a concern, Fahlke offers piston or bladder accumulators for spare strokes, hand pumps, hand wheels and multiple spring technology, or solar and battery power supplies. Naturally, all Fahlke actuators are maintenance and corrosion free and are fully impermeable to water in accordance with IP 68. Fahlke also offers matching controller systems which have been tailor-made to your precise specifications, developed using the latest technology and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our actuators fit on any valve Fahlke actuators can be mounted on any valve. This is ensured by a flange and adaptor system only available from us that allows any Fahlke actuator to be mounted in a matter of minutes. Which also permits subsequent retrofits on different valves. Fahlke valve adaption is precisely manufactured according to the valve specification. This, in turn, allows Fahlke actuators to be set up very quickly on any valve. Fahlke spring-loaded actuator The figure illustrates an example of a Fahlke spring-loaded (SR) actuator: the primary components with the scotch yoke arm and the working cylinder (on the right) together with the spring container which is also available in multiple spring technology. Fahlke spring return actuator example: The following illustration shows the inside of a Fahlke spring return (SR) actuator: The main parts are spring cartridge (left), actuator housing (mid) and working cylinder (right). For multi-spring technique see Fahlke SSV units. FAHLKE actuator end stops are situated in the cylinder center and will take high thrusts without distorsion. $11.        FAHLKE actuator spring cartridges are fitted with slide bearings to ensure smooth running of the cylinder. $12.        FAHLKE spring cartridges increase safety for the actuator valve unit because of short operating times. $13.        FAHLKE split housing facilitates variable mounting of acting cylinders and emergency operation components at the integrated grooved ring even after putting into operation. $14.        FAHLKE actuator housing is filled with a special grease ensuring lubrication of all moving parts inside the housing. Any danger of corrosion to the moving parts is averted. $15.        The actuator housing is equipped with FCS safety valve to relief over pressure (not shown in this illustration). $16.       FAHLKE lever slide blocks are made of a special brass. $17.        The actuator lever is supplied with FCS bearing bushes that guarantee smooth running and withstand high thrust. $18.       FAHLKE seals on the lever make use the actuator under extreme environmental conditions possible. $19.       FAHLKE cylinder sleeves, plunger, and bottoms are chemically nickel-plated to avoid corrosion by the operation fluid. $110.     FAHLKE actuator end stops of pneumatic, gas or hydraulic cylinders are covered with a protection cap. $111.      The FAHLKE actuator is IP68. For corrosion prevention the housing screws are fitted to the bottom of the housing. $112.     FAHLKE actuator housing is equipped with adapter holes for standard position switch and controls. $113.     FAHLKE actuators have a covered relief hole (not shown in this illustration) to prevent pressure building in the connection between valve and actuator in case of valve stem leakage. $114.     FAHLKE actuator lever is supplied with an octagonal connection that facilitates flexible adaption to every valve in connection with the actuator spool. $115.     FAHLKE adapter spool (not shown) will be equipped with the specified valve shaft trim. $116.     FAHLKE adapter flange is suited to the valve dimensions $117.     FAHLKE guide bearings of the piston rods are supplied with high-pressure proof sealings and special bearings. $118.     FAHLKE cylinders and emergency operating devices can be turned to any position because of the grooved ring. $119.     FAHLKE plunger guide bearings and sealings are designed for heavy-duty and maintenance free operation. For detailed control specification please contact Fahlke Control Systems. Downloads Actuator Specifications

SEHAZ Electro Hydraulic Actuator

SEHAZ® The safety electrohydraulic actuator Compact, with strong torque and directed towards safety The SEHAZ actuator’s design is impressive: You achieve maximum safety of  automation and while running your processes. And all of this with a minimum design size and low weight. The SEHAZ line allows costs and time spent in the operation, installation and maintenance of your automation application to be immediately reduced to a minimum. The SEHAZ can be equipped with up to 4 integrated safety systems and thanks to its special adaptation system can be easily mounted on any valve. There is no need for additional supply connections or complex air compressors with their notoriously long supply lines. The SEHAZ is the actuator geared towards the safe operation of ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, louvers, dampers and all other 90° valves. The advantages Variable torque Compact design Even after a complete power failure, the system remains operational for up to three successive automatic drives using stored power and, beyond this is also equipped with an integrated hand pump. Adjustable actuation speed / times User friendly, variable power supply 24 V DC, 115 V AC, 230 V AC, 380V AC. Power supply possible at distances of up to 1,000 meters Bus-capable system available Enormously reduced power consumption: only 1/10 that of a comparable electric actuator with the equivalent torque. Highest level of safety, up to four safety features: bladder accumulator / piston accumulator Hand pump Spring closing / spring opening Battery backup system possible Highly visible position indicator Individualized installation positions Easily adjustable end stops No connection to your pipeline operating media to escape into the surrounding atmosphere (closed system) Greatest degree of environmental friendliness and efficiency of any actuator system Control design Safety backup Downloads Brochure - Technical specifications Technical information - SEHAZ double acting Technical information - SEHAZ single acting and spring-return

EHAZ Electro Hydraulic Actuator

EHAZ® Individual, compact, multipurpose Fahlke offers the most individual electro hydraulic actuator units currently available. The modular technology (MCE) in the control ensures the highest level of compactness, user friendliness and operability. With the totally individually configurable electro hydraulic control units nothing stands in the way of perfect process adaptation and therefore ideal valve automation, right up to central hydraulic controls for multiple actuator controls, SSX, SAV or any other type of automatic safety shutoff valves. You have a choice among numerous components which can be integrated in the control such as solenoid valves, hand pumps, pressure limit valves, line break detector systems for all your valves, standard or control safety processes or for high and low pressure security, differential pressure controls can also be integrated for your valve automation. Fahlke controls and actuators are leaders with regard to current consumption and handling. With individualized process adjustment and many advantages this represents the key to the safe automation of your equipment. The advantages Remains fully operational even after several weeks without power (bladder accumulator, spring technology, hand pump) Torque can be increased or decreased by adjusting the operating pressure No chance of leaks since the MCE technology contains no pipes or screw-on fittings such as those found in conventional controls Very compact drive unit Corrosion-free thanks to stainless steel and a hard-coated aluminum alloy MCE technology allows easy maintenance Highly effective despite low power consumption Very short (1 - 2 sec.) or very long actuation times possible Opening and closing times can be adjusted as required No necessity of additional supply lines – no need for air or air lines to the pipeline Gas or operating media cannot escape into the atmosphere (sealed system) Greatest degree of environmental friendliness of all actuator systems Controller design Safety backup Downloads Technical information - EHAZ double-action Technical information - EHAZ single-action and spring closing

GEHAZ Electro Hydraulic Actuator

GEHAZ® currently the world’s smallest electro hydraulic actuator unit. Small, high torque, reliable The GEHAZ is characterized by a minimum of expenditures for operating, installation and maintenance. As is the case with all other Fahlke electro hydraulic actuators, this actuator technology requires a mere 1/10 of the energy of a comparable purely electric actuator. The GEHAZ can be mounted on any valve, eliminating the need for additional gas or air connection lines, spare air tanks or expensive air compressors to operate your actuators. The GEHAZ is currently the smallest electro hydraulic actuator unit available on the market for the automation of ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, louvers, dampers and other 90° valves. The advantages Variable torque The most compact generation of electro hydraulic actuators for all applications, explosion proof Significant advantages when compared to purely electric actuators: Only 1/10 the power consumption at the equivalent torque Significantly shorter actuation time The permissible differential pressure in the line is significantly higher Cost reduction thanks to narrower cable diameters Actuation time can also be set after installation Safety closing or opening spring technology is available Simple adjustment to fit any valve Controller setup Safety backup Downloads GEHAZ brochure - Technical specifications Technical information - GEHAZ double acting Technical information - GEHAZ single acting and spring return

DEHAZ Electro Hydraulic Actuator

DEHAZ® electro hydraulic actuator unit for operation with alternating current The DEHAZ is characterized by minimum expenses for operating, installation and maintenance. Ideal where 230 VAC, 380 VAC or 400 VAC power is available. This actuator technology can be quickly mounted on any valve. No gas or air lines are required to operate the actuator. Fig.: Explosion proof design Powerful, distance stable, reliable As is the case with every Fahlke actuator, the DEHAZ represents a perfect, economical automation solution and can be found, for example, in gas pipeline compressor stations or – in its non-explosion proof version - for automating water lines. The DEHAZ is capable for automating all types of ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, louvers, dampers and other 90° valves. The advantages Variable and adjustable torque The power consumption of the Fahlke DEHAZ actuator is a mere 1/10 that of purely electric actuators operating at the same torque and with the same actuation time. The actuation time can be adjusted in both directions in order to achieve an optimum adjustment of the control process. Easy installation on every valve. Power supply possible over longer distances. The DEHAZ can be mounted up to 1,000 m from the power supply. Based on the narrower cable diameter, the cable connection is simpler and significantly more economical than is the case with a comparable electric actuator. Available with emergency hand pump actuation system. Controller setup and safety backup Downloads DEHAZ brochure - Technical specifications

HAZ Hydraulic Actuator

HAZ® Hydraulic Actuator Leading, innovative, maintenance free As a specialist, Fahlke produces all types of hydraulic actuators and their controls. Fahlke therefore is able to offer the largest and most modern line of actuators and controls on the market and provide the perfect hydraulic actuator for valve automation in onshore, offshore or subsea applications, standard opening or closure, safety directed applications or control processes. More than 35 years of experience in actuator production allows us to offer our customers completely maintenance-free actuators and control technology in leak-free modular construction. Innovative valve automation from 1" to 60" for ball valves, butterfly valves, MCE, plug valves, louvers, dampers and other 90° valves from 10 to 330,000 Nm. The advantages Actuators Designs for low and high temperatures ranging -60 to +80°C Maintenance-free, grease filled housing Corrosion-free cylinders chemical nickel plated Water-tight in accord. with IP 68 Equipped with overpressure protection Special zinc titalin coating to provide at least 15 years of protection Flange adaptor system suitable for every valve Easily legible position indicator Special Fahlke adaptors allow simple mounting on any valve Individualized installation position Easily adjustable end stops Cylinders Hundreds of possible cylinder combinations Welded cylinders with nickel plated inner walls for freedom from maintenance and corrosion Stainless steel end stops and stainless steel pipe connections Controls Standard Corrosion-free, stainless steel control box Hard-coated, leak-proof control modules built in accordance to MCE technology Control elements can be quickly and easily replaced Control pressures from 2 to 700 bar Individualized construction based on customer specification

PAZ Pneumatic Actuator

PAZ® - Pneumatic Actuator For ideal valve automation from 1" - 60" Fahlke PAZ pneumatic actuators offer quality and reliability “made in Germany”. Automation needs are perfectly met thanks to the large line of Fahlke PAZ actuators with more 250 operating cylinder variants. All Fahlke actuators are completely maintenance-free and waterproof in accord. with IP68. The interior surface of all cylinders is made of chemical nickel and all cylinders are corrosion-free and completely welded. This allows cylinder leakage problems resulting from tie rods which have become slack, bolts or similar problems to be eliminated. All Fahlke actuators offer a special adaptor system which makes mounting them on any valve a simple task. The pneumatic actuator allows all ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, louvers, dampers and other 90° valves to be automated. This applies to all valves from 1" to 60" as well as in a torque range from 10 to 330,000 Nm. Fahlke offers standard solutions proven in applications throughout the world together with actuators based on customer specifications. Please simply contact us! Control design Fahlke is the only company which manufactures and offers both actuators and controls from a single source. The modular control technology, MCE, manufactured by Fahlke allows precise controls to be designed to perfectly comply with automation requirements. All types of controls are possible. Complemented with, for example, solenoid or motor driven valves, hand pump systems for emergency operation, line break detection systems to monitor the line, differential pressure valves or over and underpressure valves to secure lines, together with numerous other options. For more information, please refer either to the Fahlke MCE modular control elements or consult your local representative. Downloads Technical information – PAZ double acting Technical information – PAZ single acting and spring return

GAZ Gas Actuator

GAZ® Gas Unit Modern, reliable quality to safely automate your 1"-60" valves and torque output from 10 – 330,000 Nm  Fahlke supplies literally hundreds of gas actuator versions and controls for standard open and safety shut applications, regulating or customer-specific designs. The actuator units are available with, for example, multiple spring safety technology, emergency hand pumps or integrated line break detection systems. The actuator units are supplied with either over or underpressure controls switched by pressure limit valves for pipeline security or simply with solenoid valves for open and shut operation. Thanks to their fully welded cylinder technology and the quality of their controls, Fahlke gas actuators operate at the direct pipeline pressure without the need for pressure reduction. This results in significantly smaller, maintenance-free actuator units, that are easier to handle. Safety is assured thanks to the fully welded, maintenance-free cylinder technology which requires no stud bolts, tie bars or similar components, making cylinder leakage problems a thing of the past. All Fahlke double action or spring-loaded actuators are grease filled and maintenance-free as well as being watertight in accordance with IP68. These technologies combined with the special Fahlke valve adaptors allow Fahlke actuators to be mounted on any 90° valves in minutes. Control design Fahlke is the only company which manufactures and offers both actuators and controls from a single source. The modular control technology, MCE, manufactured by Fahlke allows precise controls to be designed to perfectly comply with automation requirements. All types of active control elements can be integrated with, for example, hand pumps, line break detection systems, differential pressure valves or high and low pressure valves, solenoid valves, throttles together with numerous other options. For more information, please refer either to the Fahlke MCE modular control technology or consult your local authorized Fahlke representative. Downloads Technical information – GAZ double action Technical information – GAZ single action and spring closing

GHAZ Gas over Oil Actuator

GHAZ® Gas over oil actuators Basic equipment Torque output up to 330,000 Nm Modular control design, MCE Double action or spring closed actuators Designed for all 90° valves Hand pump for emergency operation Expanded equipment levels (examples) Pressure limiting valves Pneumatic line break detection system Electronic line break detection system Rapid ESD actuation travel Gas over oil linear actuation Applications Transport pipelines Compressor stations ESD / SSV applications Technical specifications Temperature range: -55 ° C to +80 ° C Controls: 12 V - 220 VDC (24 V - 230 VAC (50 or 60 Hz) Downloads GHAZ brochure - Technical specifications Technical information – GHAZ double acting

SSV Safety Shut Down Units

SSV Safety shut down units, DVGW certified in accordance with DIN 14382 The ideal SSV system for pipeline safety requirements The Fahlke SSV safety shut down unit is currently the only available SSV unit which has been tested and approved in accordance with the latest certification guidelines, DIN 14382, of the German Certification Center, DVGW, in combination with a ball valve. With the most modern SSV on the market, Fahlke offers ideal protection against overpressure in the pipelines being monitored. Compared with other outside products, the Fahlke SSV unit saves you significant pipelines and operating expenses. What makes the difference? Where are costs saved? Because of their full passage when open, Fahlke SSVs can also be scraped without the need for constructing expensive bypass lines. The Fahlke SSV unit is equipped with two independent seals. As most conventional SSV units are only equipped with a single seal, this saves expenses with regard to the required installation of two SSV valve units. All Fahlke SSV units can also be employed for standard open and shut operations. The employment of the most up-to-date temperature compensation AG1 pilot valves in the controller make approaching your pipelines maximum pressure possible in the first place, thus allowing the maximum utilization of your line’s throughput rate. The Fahlke SSV unit is available as either a double block or bleed type unit and can be tested for proper function in either the open or closed position. In compliance with the EN 14382 safety guideline, Fahlke SSV actuators provide five times the torque required for normal valve operation up to a predefined nominal diameter. SSV sizes and pressure ranges Valve actuator design The SSV control design Test environment: hot/cold chamber (test temperature between -60°C and +80°C) Fahlke has its own hot/cold chamber to test valve actuators under extreme operating and temperature conditions. Downloads Technical specifications Technical description DVGW certificate

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